“The plane is not to blame”: the crew responded to passengers’ complaints

“Again on the ruin we fly”, “And why the chair is not back”, “They didn’t transplant another place”, “They brought only sandwich and tea”. We are used to complaining about the airline and the crew in social networks, but few people come to mind that sometimes it would be worthwhile to look at ourselves first. We publish a frank appeal of one of the crew members of the charter airline.

I constantly see on social networks stories about what a “terrible” aircraft transferred passengers from one point of the globe to another. And back even worse. People complain literally about everything: old planes, when they were served, it is not known, the upholstery on the chair does not look new, the chair does not back (or is not reclaimed to the end, or is not fixed in a certain angle of inclination), the table does not lay out, the handle for fixing the table is too tight, the table is generally broken, the armrest is not cleaned, the food was brought, or they didn’t bring food at all, the crew refused to persuade other passengers to change places with you, the air conditioner does not work or does not work powerfully powerfully ..

You can continue the list of claims endlessly, and some of them I can understand. But with all the understanding there are several things that I would like to convey to especially active complainants. Because, as experience shows, it is these people who most often in the answer for what they themselves complain about.

“The plane is old, everything falls apart”

Passengers are often unhappy that the planes are old. Of course, they are not the newest, but all aircraft undergo full maintenance, and the terms of this service are strictly


observed. Literally everything is taken out of the plane, leaving only the case. Some details are repaired, some have to be changed to new. After servicing, the plane looks perfect. Everything works, shines and sparkles. But our passengers quickly deal with beauty. For example, on a flight from Moscow to Thailand, the passenger decided to morally prepare for rest. Having consumed vast amounts of alcohol, he suddenly understands: the ego is so retarded that he wants to sit not in an armchair, but on a folding table. And all his ego passenger sits on this table. Guess what happens in about a couple of seconds? And after a couple of seconds, the same passenger begins to shout at the entire interior, that the plane is old, and the table in it is broken, you can’t sit down for a moment.

“If it doesn’t work, then something has broken down. Since they did not fix it, it means that it completely broke. So, the plane is old and it is dangerous to fly on it. “

It seems to many that replacing the table is a simple and quick matter. But here there are nuances. Firstly, the plane goes on a return flight almost immediately, and they simply do not have time to replace the table physically. And the passenger of the reverse flight is forced to fly without a table through the fault of his “predecessor”. Secondly, all the nuts, bolts and other little things on the plane are certified, which increases the cost of repair many times. We cannot just take the first nail and repair the table. For such a repair, it is necessary that the plane gets into the base airport. And this does not happen at once.

I could tell a million such stories – about the tables, about the armrests, and about the broken departments for hand luggage … But believe me, they will all be extremely the same: the drunk passenger flying in front of you, just decided not to observe the rules of behavior on board. Or was sober, but thought: “And what is it, well, they broke it, they will fix it! I paid for the ticket!”Or most often I just did not think at all.

Another frequent complaint is a non -working toilet. One works, the second is closed. What passengers immediately think about? That’s right: “Once it does not work, then something has broken down. Since they did not fix it, it means that it completely broke. If everything breaks here so that not to repair, it means that the plane is old and it is dangerous to fly on it. “. In fact, this most often means that one of the passengers of the previous flight neglected the crew warning that it was impossible to throw personal hygiene items into the toilet. The toilet was corny clogged, but to fix the whole system (believe me, it is not as simple as it seems) is simply impossible for the time that the plane is being prepared for the next flight. Airlines try to develop the so -called “basic” airports in order to carry out such repairs faster, but this requires a lot of resources.

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