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The Empowerment Spot provides coaching and consulting services to new entity formations, small business startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses and empowers them to scale up their businesses, increase their income and their profit.


Pat Sherard is the founder and Principal Consultant of The Empowerment Spot. She has a plethora of skills including over 14 years management experience and over 20 years coaching experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and has education and experience in accounting and economics, project management, contract management, workforce development, database management, marketing, sales, risk assessment and a host of other skills and abilities.

At the Spot,

Ms. Sherard used these skills and knowledge during the Covid-19 Pandemic to encourage and support small businesses. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Ms. Sherard assisted small businesses with obtaining over $400,000 in funding so they could keep their doors open.