Upcoming Seminars/Classes

Talent Acquisition and Management

Hiring the right employee for the job is important for all businesses. However, smaller businesses without large human resources departments can have a tougher time acquiring talent that is the right fit. While compensation can be a factor, there are additional benefits that can create a rich work environment for your team. Sometimes, employees leave because they need higher pay. In those instances, there is almost nothing that you can do. experience even greater risk after training employees only to have them leave and take the businesses’ institutional knowledge with them. Learn how to hire, train, and retain employees for your business.

Business Growth

Business has been good for a while now. Sure, there are slower periods but that is the cyclical nature of your business niche. But sometimes you wonder if things could be better. Is there something that you can do now to accelerate your company’s growth? Could the problem be your company goals? Does your company have annual strategic planning sessions? Does your management team regularly share company goals with staff? Does your company have goals but have a challenging time achieving them?

New Businesses

You did it…you started your dream business. You brought all your dreams to your business and now it is time to make those dreams take life. Take the time now to sit down with one of our small business coaches to go over your dreams, turn them into manageable goals, and watch them blossom.

Strengthen Business Acumen

You were born a leader! Everyone has been telling you that since you were young and now that you are a business owner and principal you are experiencing what others have seen in you all along.


Making decisions daily is just a part of running a successful business. And timely decision-making is a necessary business skill. However, some decisions are more difficult than others because of the tremendous impact they can have on our team members and their families. Still, at other times the risk may be greater than we are willing to accept. Contact us today, to get yourself “unstuck.” 

Operations Creation

Setting up a business can be difficult and running one daily can often be challenging. Whether you need help starting your business, creating an operating agreement, setting up and running your first board meeting, or setting up and maintaining your corporate books, The Empowerment Spot is here for your success.